Work with us.

We care. About our team, our customers and the immense environmental impact we can have when we work together to create change. Our expertise is diverse, driven by integrity, passion and the scientific method. We freely admit mistakes and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We constantly question ways of working (including our own), seeking out opportunities to unearth simple and efficient solutions.

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We work smart.

We are passionate about our work and mission, constantly striving to improve our craft (whether that’s retail operations, accounting or science).

We know that every ton matters.

Just like in the natural world, big impact is comprised of millions of tiny shifts. From processing unsold food to recycling cardboard, we foster change one ton at a time.

We demand simplicity.

To be successful, decisions must be guided by research, root cause and data. Pulling the simple from the complex is an art — and it results in unexpected, creative solutions.

We solve real problems.

Divert is, above all, customer driven. Our partnered approach is authentic, generating real solutions to real problems — and creating long-term, loyal customers.

Now hiring bright minds.

Current Openings:

Project Developer

Senior Account Manager – Retail

Marketing Associate

Business Intelligence Analyst

Head of Government Affairs

Production Engineer

We’re always looking for smart, honest, passionate people to join the Divert team. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send a resume to We can’t wait to meet you.