Bringing accountability to Ahold USA’s recycling programs

The Problem

When we began working with Ahold USA, they already had a successful, long-established cardboard recycling program in place. However, compliance by individual stores and associates varied across their 760+ stores, and they were finding the process of trying to track each store both difficult and costly. Therefore, cardboard revenue was being allocated evenly to all stores — and low performing stores had no reason to improve.

Our Solution

We put our custom sensor network and predictive algorithms to work for Ahold USA, seamlessly integrating our simple technology into their existing recycling process. Intelligent labels are now affixed to all outgoing recyclables, enabling accurate cardboard tracking and measuring at the store level. This has allowed Ahold USA to implement a dynamic incentive system that holds stores accountable for the cardboard they actually recycle — and increases overall cardboard diversion.

The Results

“Divert used data and technology to rethink, and exceed, our diversion goals.” Dom D’Agostino, Ahold USA

By empowering a proactive incentive system for high-performing stores, we enhanced Ahold USA’s recycling results by +10% without impacting store operations. This increase not only reduces waste costs, but also increases cardboard revenue — which has meant a substantial savings while improving the company’s environmental footprint.