Centralizing food rescue for a national retailer

The Problem

Within this national grocery chain, food rescue efforts were encouraged at the corporate level, but implementation at the store level remained chaotic and haphazard. Because existing programs were based on one-off relationships between individual stores and various small, local charities, corporate had limited visibility into where food was going, creating an unnecessary liability. The overall lack of clarity made it impossible to measure the efficiency of these programs, maximize food donations, claim accurate tax deductions or incentivize non-participating stores.

food bank donations

Our Solution

For this retailer, we created centralized software to track food rescue data across every store. Using our custom algorithms, we’ve been able to generate meaningful reports to show how much is being donated by which stores, who it’s going to, and what’s in every truck. Additionally, we enabled them to target non-participating stores and support them in making impactful donations to charities in their area.

The Results

Together, we were able to grow food donations by +50% per store, provide unique visibility at the store level, and deliver quality food to neighbors in need.


“Now we have real-time data to maximize our donations and minimize our risk. This is a groundbreaking solution.” Dir. of Corp. Sustainability, confidential customer