Cardboard Recycling

cardboard recycling

Make your cardboard work for you.

Cardboard represents over 50% of the material generated by a supermarket. Yet, when recycled efficiently, it can offset the entire waste management expense for a retailer — and generate a significant profit.

cardboard recycling

Optimizing cardboard recycling programs for a 100+ store chain can create over $1 million in new annual profits.

Even with a fully supported and established cardboard recycling program, enforcing compliance at the retail level is difficult. Individual stores and employees often discard materials that should be recycled, which is responsible for millions in lost revenue and added waste disposal costs.

The Divert solution

Would you believe it’s as easy as sticking a label to a bale? Because it is. Saving millions for your organization starts by affixing our intelligent labels to outgoing recyclables. From there, our custom sensors and algorithms generate simple, yet impactful, reports for all levels of your organization, empowering you to improve recycling rates, target poor performing stores and save money.

Simple Integration

Designed with flexibility in mind, our intelligent sensor network integrates seamlessly into your existing operations without added labor or complexity.

Store-level visibility

Get real-time tracking and measure actual cardboard recycling performance for each individual store at a granular level.

Powerful feedback

Our intelligent labels and predictive algorithms provide you with actionable, store-level reports, so you can reward high-performing stores and support those in need of improvement.