Divert Anything

food supplies

Ditch the dumpster.

From Styrofoam to coffee grounds to fryer oil, we’ll work with you to find innovative solutions for problem materials.

Energy Star estimates that $1 in supermarket savings equates to $59 in sales.

The cost to sustainably process niche materials, like plastic film, waxed cardboard or broken pallets, often outweighs the benefit. The current market offers no simple or profitable solution. As a result, these problem materials take up space in your backroom, fill up dumpsters and landfills, cost you money and generally cause headaches for everyone — from store associates to store managers.

The Divert solution

Bottom line: We can solve anything. We understand your business, we have the technology and we’re willing to roll-up our sleeves to find a solution that works for you. Whether you need a better way to get Styrofoam out of the dumpster, a more cost-efficient process for waxed cardboard or a more sustainable approach to hard and soft plastics, we’re here to help.

Flexible approach

We combine innovative technology and deep industry expertise to discover the best, most efficient solution to your problem material.

Custom integration

Designed to fit with any workflow, our simple software and sensors integrate seamlessly into your existing operations without added labor or complexity.

Store-level visibility

The unprecedented visibility we provide creates transparency and accountability at the store level, improving company-wide performance, morale and profits.

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