Food Rescue

food rescue

Fight hunger one ton at a time.

Food rescue is the process of safely recovering surplus food from the retail chain and distributing it to people in need. Not only does food rescue help provide millions of Americans with quality meals, it is also key to helping combat food waste.

food bank donations

In the United States, up to 40% of food goes to waste — an equivalent of $165 billion per year.

Establishing and maintaining a successful food rescue program can be very difficult at the store level. Individual stores and employees consistently discard materials that should be donated, which is responsible for millions in added disposal costs — and thousands of healthy meals going to waste at the landfill.

The Divert solution

Believe it or not, fighting hunger on a large scale starts with putting a few stickers on a few boxes. By affixing our intelligent labels to donation items, we can generate simple, yet impactful, reports for all levels of your organization, empowering you to increase donation output, target low-performing stores and ensure that good food gets to those who need it.

Simple integration

Designed with flexibility in mind, our intelligent labels integrate seamlessly into your existing operations without added labor or complexity.

Powerful feedback

Our intelligent labels and predictive algorithms provide you with actionable, store-level reports, so you can reward high-performing stores and support those in need of improvement.

Real change

Based on your results, we can work with you to remove the extra steps from the day-to-day workflows of your stores and teams. We’ll help you create the most efficient and compliant system to deliver quality meals to your neighbors in need.