We are changing the world. One ton at a time.

Divert is creating a waste-free future.

Our Story

Divert is creating a waste-free future.

We were founded on the goal of creating innovative and efficient solutions towards eliminating food waste from the retail industry.

Since 2007, we’ve been helping retail supply chains realize cost savings and higher returns on resource recovery efforts. Every customer presents an opportunity to co-create a new story around what it looks like to efficiently eliminate waste. We specialize in creating flexible systems that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, helping customers exceed diversion goals and save money - all while making a real, lasting environmental impact.

Our Mission

We believe in a waste-free future.

Our passion is to prove that environmental sustainability can be as good for business as it is for the planet.

What Our Leadership Is Saying

"Divert is dedicated to building a revolutionary platform for sustainable change. We create transformative technology solutions that make a tangible impact on solving the food waste crisis. From converting food waste into renewable fuels to feeding those in need, Divert is leading the way."

— Ryan Begin, CEO of Divert