Improving the Bottom Line


Landfill and transportation costs continue to increase as regulations, land usage and traditional fuel prices change. Sending food to the landfill wastes our valuable resources and has a significant negative impact on our environment. It’s also very costly for our retailers.


Utilizing Divert’s proprietary technology and food waste management platforms, we designed a cost effective decarbonization solution for one of our customers. We provided a standardized collection system with infrastructure to support reliable management of their unsold food to create the highest diversion solution for them possible. This, coupled with real-time tracking solutions, allowed us to create a baseline for each of their stores and continue to measure impact over time. Our hands-on support meant on-going store-level calibrations could adjust and right-size their pickup service accordingly.


For this company’s +250 California stores, Divert improved their landfill diversion up to 90% within one year. In addition, our on-going store-level calibrations resulted in an average savings of $12,800 per store per year.

Key Takeaway Stats


Increase in Landfill Diversion


Savings per Store per Year