New Data for New Insights


The unfortunate reality for most of our customers is that not all food leaves their stores’ in the form of sales. The variance across food retail vendors’ processes and reports - paired with the opacity of resources for unsold food - creates waste, resulting in unproductive pressure and friction on retail employees whose primary performance is evaluated on volume of sales.


To combat this, our customer leveraged Divert’s product tracking & imaging platforms to collect real-time data on what their stores were sending to recycling. This data, consolidated with data on food donation, trash and front door sales was compiled into Divert’s customizable database to transform their messy raw numbers into actionable insights. We generated simple and easy to understand metrics dashboard that pinpointed specific areas of opportunity for our customer. We then worked directly with our customers’ vendors to fill the knowledge gaps and drive results for everyone.


By using Divert’s integrated data platforms, our customer was able to increase their fresh food donation by an average of 13% across their entire chain of over 100 stores. We initiated a collaboration with Oregon Food Bank for this customer and made sure their stores had access to (and were trained on leveraging) these simple and concise metrics. For many store locations, that meant their going from 0 lbs of product donated weekly - to - over 300 lbs of product donated weekly.

Key Takeaway Stats


Increase of Food Donation Company-Wide