Driving Source Reduction

The Problem

Measuring freshness within the fresh food supply chain is extremely challenging. There are no definitive expiration dates required, and there are no “one size fits all” metrics to track for quality control. Strawberries and leafy greens are routinely top complaints from our customers. Yet, despite both being highly perishable foods, strawberries and greens have vastly different temperature requirements and shelf stability. A broken link in one of our customer’s cold supply chain was generating rapid loss of fresh food products for them.

Our Solution

Divert’s innovative freshness platform tracks two key operational KPIs for our customer: time and temperature. Our customer used our platform to manage an astonishing 57 actionable temperature and velocity real-time alerts to send to their key store stakeholders. This allowed management to make minute-to-minute decisions that not only lengthened perishable product lifetimes but also improved operational efficiency and success for our customer.

The Results

This customer’s pilot project demonstrated that the shelf life of their strawberries and packaged leafy greens could be extended by 25% by reducing the holding temperature by approximately 1°F. Produce departments were also able to fine-tune their ordering system to reduce the amount of time their produce was in transit and ultimately streamlined their shelving process to reduce food waste.

Key Takeaway Stats


Increase in Shelf Life