Advanced Technologies for complex problems.

Innovation is in Divert’s DNA.

We believe solving the food waste crisis requires pioneering new concepts and re-imagining our food supply chain systems. We’ve been paving the way since 2008.

Divert’s Alpha System

Divert and Hannaford Bros. partnered to build and implement a first-of-its-kind modular system to convert food waste into energy.

Largest Food Waste AD in the US

Kroger hired Divert to design, build, and operate a ground-breaking facility in downtown LA to process nearly 200 tons per day. 12 years later, this facility remains a food waste pioneer.

Revolutionizing Food Waste Logistics

Divert developed the first FSMA compliant reverse logistics process to aggregate food waste at no cost and with negative carbon emissions.

Creating Data to Better Track Performance.

Divert releases 3rd generation proprietary IoT platform, utilizing internally developed hardware, sensors and algorithms to deliver new data and impactful results.

Engineering Excellence

Our engineering team designed a proprietary liquefaction system to efficiently process packaged organics. This modular system is a leading driver for our differentiation and success.

Data Science to Drive Diversion

Utilizing machine learning and data science to drive diversion. We identify trends based on the proprietary data we create, leading to immediate diversion results.

A Proven Food Waste Leader.

As of 2020, Divert is now the largest anaerobic digestion processor of food waste in the US.

Machine Learning for Freshness.

Divert uses AI and IoT solutions to help retailers maximize source reduction. This cutting-edge platform provides transparency in the retail cold supply chain, leading to improved food freshness.

Leading the decarbonization movement.

Divert is building full-scale food waste to RNG facilities that are decarbonizing our Fortune 100 customers. By year-end 2022, we will be operating, constructing, and under development at over 20 locations across the US.