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cardboard recycling

Reimagining resource recovery.

Through innovative tracking technology and custom-designed solutions, we bring accountability to retail recycling operations worldwide. Our flexible tools integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, helping you exceed diversion goals, report on individual store performance and save money. All while making a real, lasting environmental impact.

Get cardboard out of the dumpster

Use our smart tracking to measure performance across stores.

Divert Cardboard

Donating food should be easy

Create a streamlined process to ensure food gets to those in need.

Divert Food

Organics recycling, simplified

Just put everything in one bin, packaging and all. We’ll do the rest.

Divert Organics

Find a next use for everything

We’ll work with you to find the next use for any material.

Divert Anything

A flexible approach.


We find innovative, yet simple, ways to streamline your resource recovery operations. Our solutions are elegant, reliable and efficient.


Everything we do is grounded in data and technology. Get unprecedented visibility into the operations of every store — and maximize your resources.


Environmental responsibility and profitability can co-exist. Our custom solutions are as good for you as they are for the environment.

Explore Our Solutions

“We are committed to finding solutions for food waste and clean energy, and we believe this is a meaningful step forward.” Rodney McMullen, CEO of Kroger

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