Organics Recycling

organics recycling

There’s a better way to manage organics.

Still scooping out yogurt containers and peeling plastic wrap? Empower your store associates with our proven alternative to messy, smelly organics recycling processes.

organics recycling

Our process costs 10-40% less than any other organics option. Plus it’s cleaner, easier and more efficient.

Organics programs are often the most expensive and painful to create and maintain. And even with a fully supported and established organics program, enforcing compliance at the retail level is difficult. The need to depackage and separate non-organics is a huge challenge for individual stores and employees — and organics haulers are often rigid and unreliable, allowing unsold food to sit for days and weeks in dirty dumpsters.

The Divert solution

The combination of our no-sort organics bins and intelligent tracking labels empowers your organization with an easier, more efficient solution at a significantly lower cost. We help you optimize your retail operations, hit diversion targets and reduce organics processing costs and store labor — all while supporting local farmers and generating renewable energy.

No more depackaging

Our no-sort solution eliminates the need for store associates to depackage organics — which means less work in the backroom and more time out on the floor.

Less mess

With traditional dumpsters or compactors, unsold food can sit for a week at a time, causing odor, leaks and flies. Reverse logistics allows organics to be removed quickly and efficiently, thereby creating a cleaner, better retail experience for your employees and customers.

Flexible design

Where typical haulers of trash and compost can be inflexible and unreliable, we design a program specifically to the needs of your operations.

Store-level visibility

Our innovative technology provides powerful feedback on your retail stores and operations. These reports visualize critical insights, making it easy for you to reward high-performing stores and support those in need of improvement.

Food rescue

We use technology to seamlessly separate out quality meals from inedible organics waste, ensuring that good food gets to those who need it.